Centre County Business Incubator Clients

Technology Center

Alfavor Petroleum Corporation - Engineering services for the oil and gas industry; oil and gas production.

Buzby Networks, LLC - Developing technology used for locating people and things where GPS cannot.

Chromatan, Inc. - developing innovative applications in liquid chromatography. 

EC Power LLC - developing battery and fuel cell technologies.

InnoGreenUSA - providing environmentally greener and more efficient solutions including LED products in the lighting sector.

Lasers for Innovative Solutions - laser microfabrication, 3D analytics and modeling.

Ligno Link, Inc. - development of improved biomass crops.

M-Mech Defense, Inc. - development and commercialization of piezoelectric actuators and transducers.

Nittany System Research, LLC - providing computer software.

Peconic LLC - provides novel laboratory and data analysis methods to the Epigenetics research community.

Prescient Weather Ltd - providing information and forecast services that mitigate weather and climate risk in business and other activities thereby enhancing both success and profit.

Quantum Potential Corporation -  an energy research and development laboratory.

Strategic Polymer Science – developer of new materials and device technologies for  energy storage, energy generation and medical therapeutics.

Synblex LLC - providing non-invasive biological factor testing services.

Venti Risk LLC - provides organizations with tools, software and strategies that empower them to respond rapidly and intelligently to changing weather conditions.

Zetachron Center

AGS&M - service provider for marketing, management consulting and business development services.

Data Driven For Schools LLC - technology services company serving K-12 schools.

Indigo Biosciences LLC – contract research organization specializing in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical and toxicology screening services, custom assay development, and the creation of innovative products for high-throughput screening applications.

Keystone Nano -  produces nanojacket technology to  industry and to life/biosciences including nano delivery of cancer therapeutics.

Nanomedsci - development of commercial business opportunities focused on nanotechnology.

PolyK Technologies LLC - Research and development of advanced batteries.

Sage Life Technologies - tele-health technology company.

Incubator Affiliate Program Members

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies, Inc. - developing innovative biomedical instruments to accelerate the impact research makes to the society.

Carbon Now Cast LLC -  emissions monitoring for communities and regions.

Centrestar, Inc. - provides continuing education for Professional Engineers.

Impulse Technology, LLC - the fabrication of micro-nanoscale specimens for characterization of material properties (mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, optical, etc.).

Rally People, Inc. - social networking event announcement and event reviews.

Solarity – developer of revised solar cell configurations to increase the amount of energy collected.

Syncon - Research and development associated with developing novel methods and reactions to synthesizing chemicals.


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